Any customer can play his music n the bakery, the stereo is on bluetooth!


The Cale Pain has a system of mutual aid installed between them and the students. Because the students are the majority clientele of the Cale Pain, it means that bakery has of to adapt itself to remain connected with them. They are now represented on Facebook and Instagram to inform in a most modern way about the numerous new products, the games, the giveaways, the promotions… The Cale Pain trusts the students, they hire some of them as trainees, interns or other jobs to help them with their upcoming projects.


The Cale Pain is always trying to adapt according to the client’s request in order to achieve a total customer satisfaction.  Thus, they think of many new project like “around the world kitchen”. It is a project where students are being given the opportunity to cook their own traditional meal (Halal meat included). It is aimed to help people adapt to the large cultural diversity in our school but also to create and reinforce links by tasting new foreign flavors. The Cale Pain tries to maintain this spirit of mutual aid between the students and themselves by using them for their new upcoming projects such as deliveries to interesting clients. The Cale Pain does not only think of the student’s well being but they also try to organize birthdays for little kids, to develop loyalty with the adults.