Dorian, one of the owners of this business, has a very uncommon path. He studied materials then got a commerce diploma. He started his career life in a very different business, then started helping out Johanna with the Cale Pain and is now the co-owner of the business. His speciality is meat, he enjoys cooking burgers or other warm dishes.

Johanna has an ES bac and a diploma in spanish she obtained by spending a year in Spain to learn the culture and language. Her parents were also in the freelance domain so it made her want to stay in a similar path. For this job, she needed to complete a week long internship in the food business but mostly to be ready for anything. She does not have any particular marketing technique but believes a smile, a good memory and a good eye is all that is needed. Johanna is a vegan and prefers cold dishes.

The owners work close by and with a kindness and good humor. Their differences and complementaries make the large variety of the menu and product.