Peïo Jaury – Nathan Gaveau – Anaïs Huertas – Anissa Fares – Sasha Dupieu – Emilie Patrick – Isabelle Picq – Clara Nicolas – Gabrielle Tapie – Lisa Brondex

Academic Advisor : Anne FAILLEFER –

Estasblishment : Lycée Victor Hugo – Boulevard Victor Hugo – 31 770 COLOMIERS –, 05 61 15 94 94

The business, under the name “Cale Pain” was created in 2012, although the bakery has existed for over 30 years and was previously called “La Chocolatine”.  The status of the bakery is a limited liability company in which the shares are equally divided in two.

 They are not represented by any particular logo but are working on creating one in the next few month. The name “Cale Pain” came randomly as Johanna’s previous associate was picking up her “calepin”, notebook in French.  The entire street has many competitors but the one we are representing is distinguished by its large variety of products but also it’s overflowing warmth and monthly new products. The place of the bakery was also chosen randomly even though its placement in front of the International High School Victor Hugo has its advantages. The owner Johanna bought the place from two bakers so she decided to keep the same activity. When Johanna met Dorian, they rethought the concept as Dorian became the new owner. It is a place of gathering where we find the values of sharing, conviviality and good humor. It would be rare to meet a person who has never set foot in the place. It is also the place where love stories, games of cards and friendships build and strengthen themselves. The Cale Pain takes part in very different projects which add a spirit of conviviality and support. The future is unclear as in many small businesses but both Johanna and Dorian, the owners wish to do at lot of improvements as they are very optimist.

The Cale Pain has supported many projects over these last years. It has supported the biker Loic Povillon, a rugby team in Leguevin, gained money during the “semaine contre les discriminations” (week against discriminations) against autism and financed a school in Cameroun. Many other smaller projects were made as the owners try new ones every month such as birthday parties, concerts…  This year, many projects are already being planned thanks to a more active presence on social medias in order to appeal to a younger crowd (facebook, instagram,..). For instance, they want to make a sports week in june where they expect a lot of student to participate. Other smaller projects will take place much later in the year such as a week of game and presents in December (with the partnership with Decatlon® and concerts with the group “les Calepinade”. They will keep on working with the Leguevin Rugby team. Two very big projects are planned so far: a partnership with a cloth line created by a group of students in the school, and participation in a contest with Nutella by creating the biggest Nutella Panini in the world.